Many firms with similar offerings are coming up in the markets,  hence it becomes difficult for a start-up to establish its unique identity. Here comes the role of the enterprise's logo or trade mark. A logo can be defined as a mark, design, or  symbol used to identify any organisation. It helps in creating a separate brand identity for the firm. A logo provides a visual recognition to the firm and its products. A properly designed and attractive logo is helpful in converting potential consumers into real ones.  It leaves a long lasting impression on the viewer's mind. Planning to Launch a Start-Up? Follow These 5 Tips to Select the Perfect Name for Your Business.

An effective and attractive logo serves various purposes for a business in present times. For a firm to establish a long lasting and positive impression in the mid of the people, a visually appealing logo is important. Follow these tips to design an attractive logo :

Design Logo to Attract Target Customers

Before choosing a logo, a firm should carefully analyse its target markets. Their liking and preferences. If the business aims to attract senior citizens they should use subtle colours and simple fonts. On the other hand, for young adults design a more colourful and quirky logo. Similarly to attract kids use cartooned design and bright colours. It is important to know the nature of the potential customers while picking up a logo for the business.

Choose Colour Scheme Wisely

Different colours depict different meanings and convey varied emotions. Therefore, while deciding the colours for the logo a firm should decide what message should it wants to give the viewers.  For instance, red is the dominant colour of a firms's logo it will send the message of the brand being aggressive, passionate, and energetic, thereby attracting youth.

Select Fonts Wisely

While designing logos, people mostly focus on design and overlook the typefaces and fonts. However, the font type also plays a major role in influencing people. Too twisted and complex font makes the name of the firm illegible and creates confusion. Too simple font may not be able to impress the customers.  The font type also depends on the target customer.  For instance, for a children oriented company usually handwritten fonts are preferred. Govt. of India Free Online Learning Program for Start-Ups.

Logo Should be Scalable.

Since a logo is not restricted in the digital format and is featured in various advertisements  from televisions to print to billboards, it should be easily scalable. It means that when scaled up to larger proportions on a billboard, the logo should look impressive. It should become part of the billboard design and do not loose its design or get blurred.

It is important to have an effective logo design as it is the visual identity of the company.  A widely and instantly recognised logo is a valuable intangible asset for the organisation. Therefore, firms should design and choose their logos wisely.