A happy customer is the pre-requisite for a business to succeed and survive in long term. It helps the business to face the competition as well. Customers are undoubtedly the king of the market. All major objectives of a firm including sales maximisation, profit generation, wealth maximisation and growth are fueled by customer satisfaction. Firms constantly look to acquire more and more buyers. However it is equally essential to retain the existing customers.  According to Forest Research, it costs five times more to find a new customer than to retain a current customer, so it is essential that a firm keeps a tab on its customer’s expectation and satisfaction. 3 Innovative Business Ideas that will re-shape your Career in 2021!

Customer satisfaction can be defined as how happy the customers are using the company’s products or services. It can be also reflected in how a customer rates the business and how they refer it to their friends or families. Here are some efficient tips of improve customer satisfaction -

Know the Customer

Understanding the customers is the step towards customer satisfaction. Customers feel valued when a firm listens about their concerns and work on them. It starts with knowing your customer and understanding their needs and wants. It also the firm modify its products & services to match customer needs and interests.

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Customer Dealing Etiquette

Business should be very careful while dealing with the customers. Firms also need to train their employees in customer dealing. They should be treated properly, avoid using harsh words, listen to their complaints patiently and respond to their queries. According to Global State Report, 82 per cent of consumers worldwide mentioned they have stopped doing business with a brand after a poor customer service experience. 5 Effective Online Marketing Strategies For Your Bakery Business Ahead of Christmas 2020 & New Year 2021.

Quick Redressal

Another way to increase customers’ satisfaction is to provide quick solution to their grievances and queries.  Response time is an essential element of customer satisfaction. The lesser the response time, the happier the customer. According to surveys, two most common customer service frustrations are waiting for sales or support assistance and being put on hold for a long time. This results in creation of a negative image of the business in the minds of the customers.

Value Customers’ Feedback

A firm should always sought valuable feedback from the customers on their products, services or campaigns. The feedback should be always taken seriously. Businesses should ensure to work on the negative feedback and amend the issue. Business needs to keep a regular check on the reviews and comments made by its customers.

Engage With Customers

Businesses need to develop a long lasting relationship with the customers. They need to engage with the buyers. Organise contests and encourage customers’ participation. Wish them on their anniversaries, make them feel important. Keep a regular dialogue through message or mail alerts on new products, discounts, and schemes etc., Customers should feel like a part of the business.

Customers’ satisfaction is important for the growth and survival of the firm. A happy customer attracts more customers than any advertisement campaign. McKinsey reports say, “70 per cent of the customer’s journey is based on how the customer feels they are being treated.”  So make sure to make your customer feel as the king.