For a business to survive in long run and be successful, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. A happy and satisfied customer not becomes an asset for the firm, it also helps in attracting new customers and increasing sales. It advertises and provides publicity for the firm thorough his appreciating words and good feedback. A satisfied customer works as an unpaid source of marketing for the firm. However, it is cheaper to retain an already existing customer well compared to acquiring newer ones.Best 4 Ways to use Instagram for Business that will grow sales unexpectedly!

To measure customer satisfaction, firms undertake different methods including surveys, feedback, ratings among others. They also rely upon reports published by various authorities in this context. The aim is to know how happy customers are with a company's products, services, and capabilities and do the needful changes.3 Marketing Techniques for Start-Up to Follow During Initial Business Stages.

Here are five ways how a firm can improve its customer's satisfaction:

Listen to Know Customers:

One of the sure shot way to improve customers' satisfaction is by listening to them, knowing their likes and dislikes. It is important for understanding the taste, preferences of the customers and also what is their expectation from the product or service offered by the firm. A firm should always take into account the reviews and feedback from their customers and make necessary changes in the offering.

Reward Local Customers:

Another way of improving the customer satisfaction is by providing rewards in form of discounts, give away, free gifts or coupons to the people who have been loyal to the firm thereby ensuring a regular sales for it. Small rewards, compliments, and appreciation makes the customer happier and she will stick around for longer time.

Robust Customer Support Service:

The firm should have a strong and functional customer support service that is operational 24/7 hours. The problems and complains of the customers should be addressed and resolved in the shorted time span and at the best possible speed. The customer should feel listened and valued. Proper after sale service also helps in improving the customer satisfaction.

Practice Customer Service Etiquette:

All the firms need to follow a proper service etiquette to make the customers happy. The staff should be properly trained to deal with the customers, answer them politely and instantly solve their problems. They should always use positive and respectful words to address the customers. It makes customers happy and enhances their confidence in the firm.

An old saying aptly describes the importance of customer for the business and its success. It states 'Customer is the King.' A happy and satisfied customer is the biggest reward and achievement of the business. Hence, an enterprise should take continuous steps to improve customer satisfaction and aim to happy them happy.