As 2020 winds down, employees all across the world are gearing up for their annual performance reviews. The past year has been like no other in human history.

Covid-19 has made certain targets unattainable while presenting a lot of challenges for both employers and employees. This has also forced employers and employees alike to adopt creative ways to stay relevant and productive. As a result, 2020`s performance review must also put the past year into consideration while reviewing employee`s performance.

Why employee performance management is necessary?

Performance management, if applied constructively can establish a channel of continuous communication between employers and employees. The main goal of effective performance management is to increase the overall employee productivity and efficiency to attain organizational goals.

With some simple tweaks in the process and mutual honesty, employee performance evaluation can become a valuable tool for managers and team members, equally. Here is how you too can adapt and improve employee performance:

  1. Set Performance Standards

Setting out clear performance standards for employees in a specific role can provide a clear understanding to employees about their roles and responsibilities. The same standards should apply to every employee who holds the same position.

Always ensure that all the performance standards should be achievable and they should match with the person`s job description.

  1. Set Specific Goals

Unlike performance standards, specific goals should be set for each employee by keeping their capabilities into consideration. Goals are specific to the strengths & weaknesses of the individual employee. They can further help them to enhance their skills or can encourage learning new ones.

  1. Focus on Employee Potential

While evaluating an employee`s performance, always focus on the future and the potential that an employee holds. Avoid criticism of past mistakes as the lessons learned from them are invaluable.

  1. Avoid Comparing Employees

The purpose of an employee evaluation is to provide feedback to every staff member against their Key Performance Indexes (KPIs). Comparing one employee with another will not only lead to unhealthy competition, but it can also lead to employee dissatisfaction.

Creating a productive environment for employees is essential for the development of an organization. Always ensure that an employee evaluation is a two-way street in which both the evaluator and the employee can exchange their perspective.

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