Azim Premiji, one of the most renowned and respected personalities in the Indian business spectrum. Premji served as the chairman of  Wipro, and guided the tech giant through four decades of diversification and growth to outshine competitors in the software industry globally. Not only is he a genius businessman, Premji is also a great philanthropist. In 2001 he started a non-profit organisation by the name Azim Premji Foundation, through which he aimed to improve the quality of elementary education in rural regions across the country. 7 Inspirational JRD Tata Quotes that will Motivate you to Chase your Dreams!

Here are 10 Inspiring Quotes by Azim Premji : 

"Success is achieved twice. Once in the mind and the second time in the real world."

"You cannot get into business for the fashion of it."

"I strongly believe that those of us, who are privileged to have wealth, should contribute significantly to try and create a better world for the millions who are far less privileged." 7 Motivational Quotes by Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy to give your Entrepreneurial dreams wings!

“I think the advantage of democracy is that it makes us less dependent on a group of leaders.”

“The three ordinary things that we often don't pay enough attention to, but which I believe are the drivers of all success, are hard work, perseverance, and basic honesty.”

“When the rate of change outside is more than what is inside, be sure that the end is near.”

“Excellence is a great starting point for any new organisation but also an unending journey.”

"People are the key to success or extraordinary success."

"If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small."

"A girl child who is even a little bit educated is more conscious of family planning, health care and, in turn, her children's own education."

Just like his quotes, Premji's work and contribution towards the development of the Indian Software Industry is inspiring and motivating. His efforts for the welfare and upliftment of society are also worth noticing and appreciable.