Do the Best Corporate Speakers have the power to alter a Company’s fate?

From understanding the benefits of hiring them to know what makes them powerful; here is everything you can learn about the best corporate speakers in India.

The best corporate speakers don’t just talk; they have such a unique way with words that the audience can’t help but take action and feel motivated with the wisdom the speakers pour out through their speeches.

In the past few years, the competitive nature of the corporate world has grown exponentially. No matter which sector it is, millions of people are striving hard to reach the top. Not just this, even those who stay at the top have to go the extra mile to make sure they hold their position for a longer time. But all these challenges take a toll on their spirit.

Be it the employees or the employers, everyone seeks out motivation to heal their confidence and reach for better goals. That’s where they need the best corporate speakers.

Nowadays, many established firms invite some of the best corporate speakers in India to ensure that their teams feel encouraged and empowered. They don’t just pump up the company’s morale, they also drive their productive action.

The best corporate speakers understand their audience and help them in staying away from detrimental habits and inspire them to accomplish their dreams. But the advantages of corporate speakers don’t end here.

Here are the top three benefits why one must bring a corporate speaker for theit employee events:

  • Changing The Perspective

At times, it is not about a person’s ability to get motivated that becomes an obstacle in his growth, but the inability to see things from a different perspective that make him fall behind. The best corporate speakers work on that special nerve and help people in perceiving things differently.

This approach can magically turn challenges into opportunities. People can start breaking complex situations and come up with easy and doable solutions instead of pondering over the dark times. When a person is rich in perspective, even little inspiration can work wonders in building upon the potential.

  • Improving Employee Engagement

“You can’t convince people by convincing, You convince people by connecting!” — says Dr. Vivek Bindra,

one of the best corporate speakers in India. You can’t just talk about inspiration without connecting with the people, especially in the corporate world.


A company can never reach true success if its employees don’t feel connected to its vision. Most of the best companies in the world make sure that their employees improve consistently through proper training and sessions. And having events where the best corporate speakers in India interact with them is a sure-shot way to engage the employees with knowledge and leadership. This, in turn, boosts their motivation and increases productivity at both professional and personal levels.

  • Re-aligning the Goals and Vision

Unfortunate accidents happen when vehicles follow the contradictory path. The same goes for a corporate firm that ends up miscommunicating its ideas and falls apart from its goals and vision. Such inconsistencies hamper growth and lead to stagnation.

The best corporate speakers understand this phenomenon. They identify the goals and trajectory of the firms and help in re-aligning those objectives clearly across the organization.

Characteristics of The Best Corporate Speakers

Just knowing how a corporate speaker can fuel the business is not enough. One must know how to spot the best one. For that, it is vital to understand the characteristics of the best corporate speakers.

  • The Polymath

Have you ever thought about how corporate speakers can talk for hours without running out of ideas or feeling clueless even for a while? Knowledge and expertise are the reasons behind this impressive characteristic.

The successful corporate speakers are well-informed individuals, who have a stronghold on their field. These are scholars who have gathered many pearls of knowledge during their rich experiences. Some of the best corporate speakers in India are even authors who have written plenty of books on motivation and have international experience in delivering corporate speeches. Dr. Vivek Bindra, who has been a visionary in the corporate world, has authored 10 high power motivational books and inspired millions of people across the globe.

  • Personality That Speaks

It is not just their words, but also their personalities that has a great impact on the audience. The best speakers have a lively, friendly and positive personality that helps people in connecting more with them. However, this characteristic is often confused by some to be intimidating.

The correct way to understand this is that the speakers must be authentic. He/she should believe in the message being conveyed. And once there is the alignment of thought and nature, the personality of the corporate speaker speaks for itself. They stay true to their nature and make the session more interactive and learning-oriented.

  • Confident Orator

Another essential trait in the list is eloquence and confidence. A good grasp on the words increases confidence, which in turn, makes one a great speaker. When a corporate speaker oozes with confidence, the listeners can’t help but feel a strong liking and this improves the faith factor. This fact is even backed by researchers!

According to a study published by the University of Wolverhampton; “A highly confident speaker is viewed as being accurate, competent, credible, intelligent, knowledgeable, likable, and believable than a less confident and uncertain speaker.”

  • In Sync With The Industry Dynamics 

Change is inevitable; more so in the corporate world. Therefore, corporate speakers are always in sync with the industry dynamics. They lead with their fluid ideas that match the needs of the sectors.

The top corporate speakers keep a track of the latest trends, the changing challenges and intriguing solutions that further help them in catering to their target audience with the best advice and lessons.

  • Fuelled With Passion 

Though last, but certainly not the least is Passion. Without this, it is next to impossible to hold an interesting conversation about a subject. Attend events of the best corporate speakers in India and their speeches are filled with passion for their profession.

They exude a high level of sincerity, such that the audience feels an instant connection. This passion is easily visible in the way they present their speeches — be it modulations in the voice or speaking through their body language.

In conclusion, the best corporate speaker is someone who doesn’t just offer the right guidance to corporate firms, but also becomes their business guru, providing concrete lessons and tools for further growth.