Learn How to Sell with the Best Sales Trainer in India.

Is it mastery over soft-skills or years of experience, or is there any other magic mantra to be the best sales trainer in India? Let’s dig deeper and find out how the top sales trainer in India teaches.

Businessmen these days have realized the importance of getting a sales trainer in their company. Companies may hire the best marketers, best IT personnel, top-notch managers, and eventually get the best product but, what good is the product if it is not getting sold? Sales professionals do try their best, but mere hard work cannot beat experience and sheer skills. That's where a sales trainer comes into play.

Many studies have shown that only a few changes in the sales process, a few tricks in the conversation, and better soft skills can increase sales by many folds. This, in turn, not only boosts the morale of the whole company, but it also increases the resources available to make products better in the future.

Now that we have realized how important it is to boost sales, the question arises; how to do it?

Businesses spend money on hiring the best sales professionals who can deliver in real-time. But the competition in the market doesn’t give these sales professionals leisure to experiment with their methods and make their sales techniques better. What else is the option for businesses other than get a top sales trainer in India?

Though one can find many professionals, it is important to note that not all of them provide the same value. It takes a keen eye to choose the best sales trainer in India amongst a herd of many. What if that is not your expertise? What if you don’t know how to select the top sales trainer in India?

Do not worry. We have curated a list of characteristics that every best sales trainer must-have.

Characteristics that every top sales trainer in India must have:

1. Less Theoretical, More Practical

The one major difference between sales and other fields of businesses is that sales are more practically oriented. One cannot make sketches, write essays and build graphs to make a possible trajectory of how much sales a company is going to do in real-time.

For that, the company has to jump in the market and transact with real people. And that sums up why a top sales trainer in India must be less theoretical and more practical.

What good is a lesson in sales if the sales professional cannot apply its teachings with clients in meetings? Can a company make money if its sales professionals just sit in a closed room and write down how much money they will make?

A best sales trainer teaches in his class how to apply theoretical models in practical deals. Not only does it make the process easier for sales professionals, but it also reduces the period in which sales are done.

2. Guts To Experiment

As mentioned before, because they have to meet certain goals in a specific period of time, sales professionals can’t experiment with their techniques. However, a sales trainer doesn’t always have to meet goals the conventional way, he/she has the freedom to experiment with what others can’t do.

If a trainer always goes by conventional wisdom, he may teach how to get good sales done. But to get exponential growth, experimentation and using unorthodox methods is very necessary. If you find a sales professional who experiments with different sales techniques, chances are that person can be the best sales trainer in India one day.

3. Relatability Factor

Usually, a sales professional teaches various sales techniques by giving examples. But, what good are those examples if the sales professionals can’t relate to them?

Dr. Vivek Bindra, who is well known as the top sales trainer in India, always uses examples to get his point across easily. In these case studies, he considers real-life companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, and Oyo so that people can relate to the issues at hand.

4. Experience

Team meetings, seminars, and webinars are all good, but nothing can beat experience in the field. A best sales trainer must have years of experience in the market.

The only source of knowledge is experienced,’ when the famous scientist Albert Einstein said this, he may not have in mind that his words would benefit not only science but business, even after decades.

5. Teaching Method

Sales trainer’ is made up of two words: sales and trainer. We have seen that expertise in sales is a must-have, but we can’t ignore the ’trainer’ part.

A person may have years of experience in the field and a good reputation for making sales, but he may not necessarily be a good trainer or teacher at the same time.

A good trainer must know how to turn complex models into practical and doable tasks. He must also know the weak spots of his trainees and how to convert those weak spots into their strengths.

6. Keeping up-to-date

Old school sounds cool in the area of fashion and music, but when it comes to business, it can prove to be a menace for a company's bank balance.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in the market is the least talked about quality of a trainer. Sure, one can have decades of experience in the field, and some really good teaching methods. But an old fancy typewriter cannot beat a 21st-century computer!

Almost every business technique today is inclined towards digitalism. So, if you find that any trainer has no social media and online trail ’ it's a big red flag. Taking the example of Dr. Vivek Bindra; he has a very strong presence on every social media platform. From a personal YouTube channel to an online business platform, he remains updated with the current trends of the market.

Any sales trainer in India knows how fluctuating the market is. So, staying updated with the current market trends is underrated, but at the same time one of the most important characteristics.

7. Quick Learnability

Last but not the least, the best sales trainer in India ’ in fact in the whole world ’ must be a quick learner. Forget about the field, sometimes even the trainees come up with questions in the training room that no one has heard of before. What can a trainer do in such a situation?

If one is a quick learner, the possible solution can be found out at the very same moment and place. But if you're not a quick learner, you will fall flat on your face.

Also, live examples of quick learnability and adaptability shows how sales professionals should come up with solutions while doing sales or business on the ground. Every business theory is molded in some way while being used in the marketplace. If a sales trainer won’t teach quick learning skills to the trainees, there are high chances that all the theories will fail.

Enough talking about the characteristics of a professional sales trainer! Now, let’s talk about how the best sales trainer can help you in your business. What exactly do trainers do?

Here’s the list of 5 things that every sales trainer in India does regularly.

Orientation for Newcomers

Though the basic logic remains the same, the sales process differs for every company, every market, and every niche. If a sales professional comes from another company or market, a trainer conducts an orientation for the new sales processes.

If a new joinee has some ideas from the previous organization, a good sales trainer does not hesitate from learning and incorporating them into the current business. Flexibility, as we have discussed, is one of the most important characteristics of a good sales trainer.

Analysis of Sales Reports

Though this task is also done by subordinates, no one can replace an expert. A good sales training specialist will see the sales report and analyze the ups and downs in it. Not only does it require good solid practical experience, but also theoretical knowledge of big data analysis is necessary for the job.

With a detailed result of the report, the sales professionals are then briefed on what is working and what is not.

Improving the Effectiveness

After analyzing the quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly sales reports, if the trainer feels that a specific approach is working well in the sales process, he will then improve that approach so that it can deliver even better results. The same approach will be improved until it reaches a saturation point, where it can’t give any better results.Instead of a random Hit and Trial, an expert can improve sales by improving the already working methods.

Soft Skills Training

Though their niche is very specific, sales trainers in India are trainers in any case. So, when they are not doing job-specific tasks, they also teach soft skills to sales professionals.

The most famous Indian sales & motivational speaker, Dr. Vivek Bindra once said this about sales & soft skills, ’You can’t convince people by convincing; you convince people by connecting!’ Coincidentally, sales training specialists teach both of them to the trainees. No matter how much you teach your employees soft skills, there can be no such thing as too many soft skills.

Meeting Financial Objectives

If the financial goals of a company are not met as per plans or the deadline, the accountability of that falls on the shoulders of the sales professionals. And if sales professionals fail to do their task, guess who is responsible?

A top-notch sales trainer will make sure that if the financial objectives of a business are not met, then the sales approach is completely changed. Older methods are scrapped and new ways of sales are to be found in such scenarios.

What can be concluded about a job whose work is ever-changing? The methods are ever-changing; the goals are ever-changing, and even the title of the best sales trainer in India is changing. But the only thing that is not going to change is the need for a top sales training trainer in the country.

In a country like India where the local corporate market is showing a path to the world, where the competition has become fiercer; it’s important to have an exceptional sales training professional. So much so that it won’t be an exaggeration to say that every company needs a sales trainer as much as it needs a CEO.