Climb the Ladder of Success: Tips by Dr.Vivek Bindra
In this fast-paced world of today, success is what everyone is striving to achieve. Following & understanding a few success mantras for business, can help entrepreneurs take their company to newer heights. Though success depends on various factors, but the will to conquer challenges & the patience to taste victory is vital for all. Dr.Vivek Bindra, an International Motivational Speaker and Founder of Bada has always empowered entrepreneurs to grow their business. What is the success mantra behind this? What qualities make for a good entrepreneur? Here are 10 success mantras for your business by Dr. Vivek Bindra.1. Set a Goal and do Everything to Reach that Goal
  • It is very important to know what you want. Have clarity of thought as that will show you the right direction and is perhaps the first success mantra in business
  • Be clear on who has to deliver what. This will help in delegating responsibility and accountability  
2. Identify your Unique Signature Strength
  • You need to know what is your strength and work towards using that as the core of your business
  • If this strength energizes you to do better, then that is one way to identify your sole character strength
  • If finance or product building is your signature strength then look after business functions related to that and enhance your learning curve around it
3. Openness to take Risk
  • An important success mantra for any entrepreneur is that you need to take risk in business. If you don’t take risk then you are playing too safe to achieve your dreams
  • Be limitless, you have unlimited potential, the only thing you need to work towards is exploring this potential and putting it to productive use
  • When you stretch your limits and take risks, you will grow
  • As Dr. Vivek Bindra says, ’Bigger the hassle, bigger the premium’
4. Take Advice from Someone who Brings Out the Best in You 
  • Entrepreneurs do take advice or help from friends, family, business partners or their mentors. Make sure that person brings out the best in you
  • If you feel alive, positive and a get a true feeling around that person then there is no harm in following the advice
  • This also includes your customers, listen to them and their feedback. Listening to your consumer is the best success mantra for a business. It not only brings out the best in you but in your business as well
5. Make the Most of What You Have 
  • Don’t be upset over what is not there with you, as you don’t have control over those things
  • Make the most of your employees, look after their welfare and they will be productive & efficient
6. Focus on the Cycle of Possibility
  • Focus on possibilities and not the problems during tough times. Possibilities will only lead to opportunities
  • Divorce yourself with a circle of difficulty
  • Break your rigid beliefs and learn to shift gears. Being flexible and adaptable are the best qualities an entrepreneur can develop as a success mantra for his business

7. Start Measuring your Efforts to Improve

  • Use analytics and data analysis to take your decisions
  • Track your growth and make a note of the changes
  • Measure the kind of effort you are making, only then you will know how much you need to improve in the business domain
  • Don’t take emotional decisions, backing it with facts should be your success mantra in business 
8. If you Fail, you got to Bounce Back
  • Failure is the recipe to triumph; you need to fail before tasting success
  • Do not lose heart, even the most successful of entrepreneurs have failed in their journey
  • Have all the self-belief and confidence to take up the challenges, and try newer things or ideas to grab more knowledge or learnings
  • As Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker Dr. Vivek Bindra says, ’Every negative incident has a positive intent’, when you look back in hindsight you will notice how true these words are
  • ’You can, You will, Bounce Back’, swear my this motto and put it up where you can read it every day
9. Have the Right Attitude
  • Have a positive attitude; once there is negativity in your thought, it is very difficult to come out of this vicious circle.
  • Have clarity of thought as you have to fight your own battle. A negative attitude is disastrous not only for your business, but your personal life as well
  • Positivity & Passion is the perfect success mantra in business

10. Be a Leader

  • An entrepreneur must possess leadership qualities to run his company
  • The employees look up to their leader or boss in situations of confusion or tough times. You need to be a decision-maker in such situations
  • Be bold enough to take the onus of your decision and not put it on your team
  • Make the employees a part of your success journey. Their hard work is equally responsible for any milestone the company achieves
These are all ingredients to the recipe of success. Your winning attitude & a humble outlook will be the cherry on the cake. If you follow these success mantras by Dr.Vivek Bindra, surely you and your business will be unstoppable!