The food processing sector in Uttar Pradesh has garnered attention and has become a preferred sector for industrialists when it comes to investment.

The major reason behind this welcoming change is due to the ease-of-doing-business that this sector offers in the state.

Various industrialists from India and abroad have set up their food processing units in Uttar Pradesh. These industrialists have submitted proposals to the government to set up 139 food processing factories, for Rs 9105.58 crore, out of which 101 food processing factories have already started production, according to the government spokesman.

These food-processing factories were established at the cost of INR 4,074.02 crore and have generated around 20,176 employments opportunities.

The other 38 factories are under construction, and they are expected to start operating by the end of 2021. And with an investment of INR 5,031.31 crore, these factories will generate employment for an additional 21,111 people.

This is the first time when such a huge investment has been made in the history of Uttar Pradesh. To promote the food processing units in the state, the Yogi Government implemented the 'U.P. Food Processing Industry Policy -2017'.

The policy not only ensured a fair price but also provided a rebate in capital subsidy and interest in all the facilities that were given to the small and big industrialists.

Following the relaxation provided in the food processing policy, the state received many proposals for the construction of cold storages, onion warehouses, pack houses, and the establishment of flour mills.

The companies that have invested in Uttar Pradesh include Patanjali Ayurveda Limited in Gautam Buddha Nagar - Rs 2,118 crore, Pepsico in Mathura - Rs 514 crore and Haldiram Snacks Pvt Ltd in Gautam Buddha Nagar - Rs 490 crore, SLMG Private Limited in Lucknow - Rs 300 crore, Khattar Edibles Private Limited in Rampur - Rs 150 crore, BL Agro in Bareilly - Rs 160 crore, and Organic India Private Limited Plant in Barabanki - Rs 55 crore.

The government is also contemplating revising the existing food processing policy so that Uttar Pradesh can become India's top state in this sector and further accelerate the establishment of new units of food processing in the state.