There are many unsung heroes of India that do not get enough credit for their unmatched contribution, extreme dedication, and undeterred determination towards their country. They hustle in the silence, win so many inside battles to keep our country safe from its enemies.

One such Indian hero, who is also popularly known as the “James Bond of India” is Ajit Doval.

Ajit Doval, who is the fifth and the current National Security Advisor (NSA) to the Prime Minister of India, is a retired Indian Police Services (IPS) officer of the Kerala cadre. He is a former Indian intelligence and law enforcement officer.

He is also the youngest police office of India to be awarded the Kirti Chakra Meritorious Service -a gallantry award for military personnel.

Born in Uttarakhand in 1945, Doval began his police career in 1968 as an IPS officer. During his period of service, he was actively involved in the counter-insurgency operations in Mizoram and Punjab.

Though most of us have been fascinated by the magnetic onscreen James Band for all our lives, the “James bond of India” is real and is considered one of the best spies in India`s history.

And, being the best spy is no easy deal. There are so many unheard stories and real-life facts related to his life that will blow your brains.

Watch never-heard-before facts and stories from his life here:

Here are some of the most amazing facts filled with real-life thrill and excitement to give you a dose of adrenaline rush:

  1. Ajit Doval played a crucial role as one of the three negotiators in the release of passengers from the hijacked Indian plane IC-814 in Kandhar in 1999.
  2. He has spent seven years as an undercover operative in Pakistan. During that time he gathered all the confidential information on active militant groups.
  3. Ajit Doval also worked as a secret agent for 12 months. After this brief stint, he worked at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad for six years.
  4. Operation Blue Star’ that was conducted in 1984 to choke the Khalistani insurgency is another instance where Doval showcased his excellence by gathering crucial intelligence for the operation.
  5. In 1990, Ajit Doval went to Kashmir, where he convinced hardcore militants and troops to become anti-insurgents. This way he cleared the way for the J&K elections in 1996.
  6. On June 25, 2014, Doval went on a top-secret mission to Iraq as 46 Indian nurses were trapped in a hospital in Tikrit. He went to Iraq to understand the position on the ground and made high-level connections in the Iraq government to ensure the release of all the Indian nurses who were brought back to India on July 5, 2015.
  7. Indian Surgical strike that took place in September 2016 and the Balakot Airstrike in February 2019 were conducted under the supervision of Ajit Doval.
  8. He also helped to end the Doklam stand-off and took decisive measures to manage the insurgency in the Northeast.
  9. In 2019, he was appointed as National Security Advisor for the next five years and was given a Cabinet rank in the second term of the Narendra Modi-led NDA government.

Today, India`s defense policy is more polished, more pronounced, sharper, swifter, and powerful because of Ajit Doval`s strategic vision.